Technology of Animal Foods

Technology of animal foods Some of the meals we eat come out from animals, which involve red meat, veal, lamb, red meat, fish and bird. Extra meals come from vegetation, including rice, wheat, fruit, beans and veggies. We also absorb meals that animals produce For instance, chickens produce eggs and cows prepare milk. Plants produce meals too, such as fit for human expending end result. Plant and animal element are used to make different ingredients, by its nature bread and cheese. Many clarified ingredients use a mixture of meals from animal and plant supplies. Biscuits are make from flour (food from a plant) at the same time as also accommodate butter and milk (meals sourced from an animal).Alternatively, it pursuits to reduce the number of workable pathogens so they may be not likely to cause disease (assuming the pasteurized product is stored as indicated and is consumed earlier than it’s used by date).



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